Influencer Marketing ROI: How To Make Your Results Really Improve

Improve Influencer Marketing ROI with these Actionable Influencer Marketing Tactics based on research. Includes influencer research charts.

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How To Build Content Marketing Trust: 3 Tactics [Research]

Content Marketing Trust

Need to build trust for your brand or business? Start by understanding the current state of trust according to Edelman. Then build content marketing trust with these 3 tactics.

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The #1 Media Lesson Content Marketers Must Learn

Improve your content marketing effectiveness. Understand the media secret behind how such an entity works as a business. Learn to think like a media entity.

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Can You Curate Content Like The Masters? 7 Secrets

Do you curate content? Learn the secrets from Google and Amazon, the content curation giants, to make your curated content drive measurable results.

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2014: The Future of Content Marketing and Media

2014 Future of Content Marketing & Media

Need 2014 planning help? Use these 7 trends for the future of content marketing. Social media, content & connected devices (mobile) mean context counts.

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7 Actionable Blogging Tactics for Individuals, Businesses & Media

Blogs provide a home base for content publishing and social media that’s highly useful for individuals, corporations (B2C and B2B) and media entities. While these three categories of blogs vary in their content and goals, we can benefit from examining how they’re similar and different. Chart and actionable tactics from Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog

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Content Marketing: 5 Ways to Make Money [Chart]

Creating compelling content requires resources. If you’re a media company or solopreneur, you need ways to get compensated for your efforts. Here are 5 ways to monetize your content marketing or media platform. Chart included to show description, pricing model and examples.

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