101 Social Media Marketing Resources

Here’s a monster list of 101 social media marketing resources (the 2012 edition) to help expand your knowledge of this ever-changing ecosystem. These resources are useful for newbies and social media mavens alike, looking to learn about the field as well as to hone their business skills.

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Pinterest: How We View Matters [Research]

With Pinterest, seeing is believing. Pinterest’s visual distinction is more than image deep.  Your content must be pinworthy. Included are the eye tracking research results and 5 actionable Pinterest marketing tips.

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Social Media Day 2010 Lessons

Mashable declared June 30th, 2010 Social Media Day to celebrate media becoming a broad-based social dialogue. With over 700 Meetups across six continents many streamed live, Social Media Day was more than a dialogue, it’s a global event, online and offline, that gained influence from a wide range of companies, organizations and individuals. The strength of Social Media Day underscores the ability of social media to extend your reach and enhance your events to achieve your goals.  Here are five ways that social media can boost your events at each major step of planning and executing a meeting. Read on …

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13 Ways Social Media Has Transformed Marketing

Mashable’s Social Media Day provides an excellent opportunity to examine how social media has transformed marketing. Social media has profoundly altered how marketers, consumers, the media and the general public view and experience companies and their products. Older marketing tools and platforms have not gone away, but social media has certainly created a lot of new and exciting options. Here are thirteen ways that social media has changed marketing. Read on …

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