26 Actionable Content Marketing Options and Tips [Chart]

How do you want your content?

Here are twenty-six B2B content marketing options and how they help your business. Further to improve your information’s marketing effectiveness, actionable content marketing tips are included. (Note: Usage percentage is based on Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs 2013 content marketing research.) Table with actionable tips included.

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Content Marketing ABCs

When I was in school, there was only one form of the ABCs. As a means to explain marketing, ABCs are a useful way to understand Content Marketing. Content marketing is non-promotional information that entertains and/or helps your prospects, customers and the public while supporting your purchase process.

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What Digital Natives Can Teach Magazine Publishers

Strong iPad and e-reader sales provide a strong digital platform for magazines’ long-form content mixed with graphics. In addition to changing devices, magazine publishers need to reorient their thinking to be competitive in today’s online media landscape. To help magazine publishers and markers (as well as other publishers), here are 21 content marketing tactics. Please read on …

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