How to Get Lurkers to Engage

While most people don’t want take an action for a wide range of reasons, marketers want lurkers to engage whether it’s with their website, content marketing or social media initiatives. (Here are 21 reasons people lurk.) Here are three lurker corollaries to help you consider how lure lurkers to action and five ways to get lurkers to engage.

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Are You Cultivating Your Next Generation Of Social Media Super Users?

Marketers and bloggers often complain about the low level of user interaction including activities like creating content, writing reviews, leaving comments, and rating events and products. Yet, from a bird’s eye view, audience behavior appears consistent falling into 1%, 9% and 90% segments. Here’s how they break out along with 3 tactics to encourage them.

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Happy Delurker Day!

Today we celebrate our lurkers. For those of you who haven’t heard of this blog-oriented celebration, Delurker Day aims to coax readers out from behind their veil of anonymity (i.e. to stop lurking).

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Do You Really Know How to Communicate? [Chart Included]

Communications is a critical component of marketing. An important key to effectively communicate with your target audience is to understand the direction in which messages are exchanged. Here are the three basic marketing communications (aka: marcom) directions. [Chart included.]

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Lurkers With Benefits

The 90% of your audience who lurk yield real benefits for your website, social media and/or content marketing. With an appropriate call-to-action, you may be able to rouse them to do something. Here are 7 benefits that lurkers provide and 5 ways to entice them to act.

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