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If You Groupon, Will They Come? [Data]

Groupon announced it’s $750 million IPO. While the group buying industry is projected to increase by 138% to $2.66 billion in 2011, based on research by Local Offer Network, there are five significant challenges to Groupon’s deal-a-day model that are important to assess as a marketer.

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Social Media Runs on Email

With the growth of social media, email’s become a dirty word. Yet the reality is that despite forecasts of email’s demise and social media’s ability to provide communications channels, not only is email alive and kicking, it’s the engine that drives communication and engagement on social media platforms. Here are 6 functions email fulfills for social media.

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Do Groupon Deals Make Sense for Merchants?

Everyone loves a deal, regardless of how much money they have, and consumers use the Internet and smartphones to find the best price, online or offline. While Groupon and Living Social have led the pack, there are other potential competitors in the coupon space. Here’s some research to show how this market is evolving.

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How Groupon Works

Groupon has attracted a lot of attention of late due to the large sums of money that companies are willing to pay. At its core, Groupon has combined email and direct marketing techniques to create offer that customers can’t turn down. Here are seven tips to enhance your etailing to leverage the strength of Groupon.

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