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10 Social Media Mistakes Marketers Can’t Help Making

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When it comes to social media, marketers can’t help making mistakes. [Check out When Social Media Goes Bad.]  Here are ten social media mistakes marketers can’t help making because social media differs from the way they’ve always done marketing. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog

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3 Top 2010 Social Media #Fail

The #Fail term on Twitter is a popular way to note a problem with something. Social media marketing can go from positive to negative in a heartbeat. Here are the top three social media fails in 2010.

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LeBron James and Social Media

Fueled by a scarcity of information and conjecture about where he was going, the impact of LeBron James’ social media presence exploded, creating social media impressions valued at over $20 million according to General Sentiment.  But fan loyalty changed abruptly following LeBron’s highly publicized ESPN announcement hurting his reputation. This article examines 3 alternatives that could have helped keep his fans on his side. Please continue reading …

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What Marketers Can Learn From LeBron James: It’s the Total Offer

NBA free agent, LeBron James, generated a unprecedented amount of fan and media attention regarding from his announcement of his future team. What fan reaction overlooks and marketers can learn from is the fact that, for LeBron James, like your customers, it’s the total offer that matters. Here are 25  questions to ask about your offer. Please read on …

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