AMG Author Interview – Felix Velarde, Scale At Speed: How To Triple The Size of Your Business and Build A Superstar Team

Scale At Speed

Want to scale business growth?  Read this author interview with Felix Velarde on “Scale At Speed” to 2x your business growth in 3 years.

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COVID Changed 2020: 5 Marketing Trends You Need To Make You Competitive

COVID Changed 2020: 5 Marketing Trends

Going forward, understand how the impact of COVID changed influenced 5, 2021 marketing trends to guide or revise your plans. With charts and data

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21st Century Leadership: What I Learned On the Playground

When we think about twenty-first century business leadership, remember that we learned how to interact within an organization back in elementary school where there was an established hierarchy consisting of principal, teachers and students. As we get older and take on business roles, we often fall back on behaviors we learned as children. Leadership is one area where these prototypes are prominent and come to the fore. Here’s 13 personality types you met on the playground.

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