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How To Get Your Blog In Shape For Summer

Use these 5 Summer Ready Blog Tips to make your blog more seasonally appealing to your readers. Useful for B2B and B2C marketers.

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Blog Goals: Why Do You Need Them?

Do you have blog goals? Here’s why you need blog goals and 5 major types most blogs need.

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7 Ways to Incorporate Photographs Into Your Blog

Blogs need photographs

While photographs can take your blog from dull to dazzling, the main reason to incorporate photographs into your blog is your readers. Photographs quickly and succinctly convey information to your audience, whether they’re prospects, customers, social media connections or the public – better than words. Here are 5 ways photographs can enhance your blog’s attractiveness and 7 ways to integrate photographs into your blog posts to increase readership and social sharing. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog

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William and Kate’s Royal Wedding: Why We Care

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding isn’t just any wedding, a joyful occasion in its own right. It’s a royal wedding where the groom is in line to be the King of England. While Kate Middleton wasn’t a scullery maid when she met William at university, she’s not royalty. This point underscores that their marriage is a fairy tale come true where the bride is marrying her prince.  Here are 3 Marketing lessons from the royal wedding.

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