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7 Tips To Jump Start Your Job Search

Whether you’ve been sitting on the job search sidelines, itching for a new job, or entering the workforce for the first time, looking for a job is tough work, especially if you’re an introvert. Unlike going to work with its set routine and built-in colleagues, job search is lonely business, even if you’re in an outplacement office. Where do you start and how do you get yourself pumped up to face your computer and phone every morning when you’d like nothing better than to slip back to bed and commune with your eyelids.  To help you with your job search, here are seven steps to set your course.


Don’t Underestimate the Value of Summer Networking

Like the fabled grasshopper, many job seekers, including college students and interns, think that the summer is a good time to take off from their search. Yet in reality the opposite is true. Here’s how to take advantage of summer opportunities.

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How to Reboot Your Job Search

Do you want to give your job search a reboot? This can also work for people who are considering changing jobs. Before you dive into marketing yourself, it’s critical to take time to (re)assess what you can offer prospective employers as well as what you want from a job. Without this self-knowledge, it’s difficult to find a job to which you’re suited and satisfied. To that end, here are five steps designed to help you gather this information and feel better about what you bring to a job.

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Does Your Job Search Need a Spring Cleaning?

Spring is finally in the air, bringing with it a sense of renewal, signaling a time to clean out and organize. For job hunters, this is an opportunity to refresh your campaign and get a new perspective on your search. Here are twelve ways to reinvigorate your job search.

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Supercharge Your Job Search With Social Media

You must boost your social media network regardless of whether you’re employed or looking for a job. Your work history and related success only go so far in today’s job market. In today’s social media ecosystem, your friends on Facebook, connections on LinkedIn and /or followers on Twitter and what these “friends” think they know about you are what counts. To help you in today’s job market, here are seven tactics to rev up your social media network to effectively resent your business experience.

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7 Social Media Tips to Get Your Job Search on Track

At its core, social media is about connections, who you know and who the people you know know, making it a prime platform for job search, where applicants are looking for job openings. The great benefit of using social media for job search is that you can expand your network quickly through friends, colleagues and their contacts. Here are 7 tips to help you integrate social media into your job search effectively.

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