21 Tips Guaranteed to Rock Your Content Marketing

Your content marketing must be able to break through the almost 4 zetabytes of digital information that will be created and shared in 2013 and which is expected to almost double by 2015! To cope with this information explosion, people select high value information from their family, friends, bosses, co-workers, social media connections and other sources including you.

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7 Easy Steps to Make Your Blog A Super Sales Engine

Is your blog a sales engine drive new leads & revenues? If not, here’s how to make your blog a sales engine in 7 steps. (examples included)

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How to Never Run Out of Blog Content Ideas

Running on Empty

Do you have trouble creating rich, valuable blog content? Here are 13 places to seek blog content ideas to avoid running on empty when you create content.

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The Future of Content Marketing

What’s content marketing’s future? 5 actionable content marketing tips for success in the dynamic world of social media, content marketing & mobile. [Chart]

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14 Options To Extend Content Marketing Resources

To extend your budget, here are 14 content marketing resources you can use. You’ll still need to modify content to meet the specific needs of your target readers and the channel in which it is distributed. To increase the value of other people’s content, you must re-imagine it to fit your specific needs: 3 tips to help you achieve this are included. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog

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