15 Summer Branding Tips Your Business Needs

15 Summer Branding Tips

Have you spiffed up your brand for summer? Take a less is more approach to your brand across channels. 15 summer branding tips to get your brand in shape.

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Smartphones Versus Tablets 2013 Holiday Results

Smartphones versus tablets 2013: Do you know where your sales will come from? Here’s 2013 Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales analysis with 5 data charts.

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Small Business Tactics: 10 Tips For Holiday Sales Freedom

Small Business Tactics

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales – Are you planning for long term growth? 10 small business tactics to gain freedom from holiday sales (Data)

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7 Brand Attributes For A Social Media, Mobile World

Is your branding only skin deep? Here are 7 brand attributes for a social media, mobile world with questions to get you on track. Based on Yahoo’s new logo.

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Social Media Participants to Marketers: It’s Not About You! [Data]

Have you listened to what to what your prospects and customers want from your organization on social media platforms?

If not, there’s a good chance your marketing may be missing the mark. Based on research from IBM (Hat tip to Brian Solis for pointing out this research!) there’s a perception gap between what consumers want from marketers and what marketers think they want. Here are charts from this research and 5 questions to help you assess your social media marketing strategies.

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Branding: Color Inside the Lines

Color is strong. It’s visual. Color is at the heart of branding. The Mad Men got the importance of color to a brand. How do you bring color to your brand?

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How to Make Your Company Stand Out in the Exhibit Hall

When adding trade show exhibits to your marketing mix, it’s critical to make your firm stand out. Premiums, aka tchotchkes, are one way to accomplish this. Here are 5 factors that make your firm’s give-aways more effective.

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