US Media Consumption: Where To Find Your Audience 

Want to target your marketing to your audience? Then read this analysis of US media consumption complete with charts, data, and actionable marketing tips.

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Convince Your Boss To Use Video Content Marketing

Looking to increase your video content marketing budget? Here are 11 video content research charts to make your case.

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7 Actionable Mobile Marketing Tactics

Mobile must be an integral part of every marketer’s plans because consumers are ahead of marketers in terms of how they use their mobile devices, smartphones and tablets. These devices provide content, video, social, search and interaction as well as other functionality like location and telephony. Here are seven actionable mobile marketing tips inspired by the IAB’s Mobile Marketplace in New York. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog

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Mobile Commerce – What You Need to Know [Research]

Look I'm shopping on mom's smartphone

Mobile commerce is happening now! It’s everywhere fueled by expanded smartphone ownership. If you want to reach your prospects, it’s critical to be where they are! Smartphones in hand, consumers aren’t waiting for your company to decide to build a mobile website or app. Here are five mobile commerce insights based on consumer use of mobile devices for shopping to help shape your organization’s mobile strategy. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog

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Mobile Marketing: 56 MUST Have Facts [Data Included]

Mobile marketing is on three out four marketer’s plans for 2011 according to Forrester Research. Unlike other forms of digital marketing, mobile marketing involves a layer of complexity due to the difference in platforms and devices. To help you understand this evolving marketplace, here are 56 mobile marketing facts including 23 charts. Each point is based on market research and can guide your marketing plans.

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Electronic Sandwich Boards

Advertising’s Early Location Based Marketing During this Advertising Week New York, a couple of the more talk-worthy promotions were technology-enabled sandwich board advertisements. The old-fashioned advertising clad sandwich board brings to mind a man standing on a street corner near a merchant’s establishment handing out flyers. Without any modern technology, you pay attention to them because they cross your line of sight and hand you a flyer.

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