Get Human Resources Involved in Social Media Marketing

HR’s involvement in a firm’s social media activities increases over time. Here’s a 10 point social media checklist for your human resources department. (Data included!)

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17 Social Media Guidelines Every Company Needs

Does your firm have social media guidelines outlining acceptable behavior on various social media platforms? Do you think that they’re not necessary because you don’t engage in social media marketing? Think again because your employees are active across the social media landscape and may be representing your company without realizing it. Here are 17 social media guidelines to help you develop a set tailored to your organization’s needs.

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Social Media Costs

7 Expense Factors to Monitor Extending beyond the “cool” factor, social media’s increasing marketing usage is partly attributable to its perception of being “free”. Fueling this view are the success stories of small businesses for whom social media levels the competitive field by extending their reach using sweat equity in lieu of hard dollars. While it’s easy to believe that social media marketing is easy and relatively low cost, but before you launch your social media campaign, assess how these rarely publicized components can effect your profitability.

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