5 Ways to Maximize Your Impact on Twitter [Research]

On Twitter, like on other forms of communication, how you express yourself has a major impact on your results. As Twitter continues its steady growth, it becomes more important to think about the contents of your tweets in order to maximize your communication effectiveness. Here are 5 ways to maximize your impact on Twitter complete with the research findings and recommendations.

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What If You Tweeted and Nobody Came

While there’s an ever growing array of Twitter analytical tools to help marketers, it’s still the early days of Twitter analytics and it’s more important to set proper business objectives and to track your results against these goals. To help you achieve your business goals, here are five major Twitter objectives and the related metrics to assess your results.

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Marketers Don’t Get the Value of Twitter Advertising

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There’s chatter in the media and blogsphere that Twitter advertising is expensive and doesn’t work. Now, a number of marketers are stepping up to the microphone to report mediocre results in terms of business performance with Twitter’s new advertising offering, geo-targeted Promoted Products (including tweets, accounts and trends) rolled out earlier this year. Here are six factors hindering Twitter advertising results and three suggestions to improve Twitter advertising effectiveness.

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Pimp My Tweet

Many businesses view Twitter as a one-to-many broadcast platform Despite this, tweets, as a form of social media communication, aren’t about you or your firm! While Twitter communications exchanges at their core, these discussions are about adding to the social media community, not pushing your latest marketing promotion. Here are ten guidelines to help you get your Twitter promotion on track.

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