Key 2015 Twitter Trends Every Marketer Needs

Need to sell your boss on using Twitter? These key 2015 Twitter trends along with charts and tips will help you. Includes data and examples.

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27 Super Easy Tactics To Boost Your Twitter Strategy

Want to get your Twitter strategy on track to succeed? Use these 27 Twitter tactics 201 to align your social media activity with your business objectives.

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Instagram User Generated Content Rocks Marketing Results

(Almost) instagram user generated content with hashtag

Is Instagram user generated content (UGC) part of your content marketing mix? Look at research from Laundry Service & Dan Zarrella. Maybe it should be.

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How to Craft The Most Retweetable Tweets

Want to extend your Twitter reach? Use these 15 Twitter tips to extend your retweets without any extra work. Reach by Track Maven & charts included.

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25 Tactics to Promote Your Blog via Facebook and Twitter

Promoting your blog is the most important of the five Ps of blogging. Without getting the word out about your blog, your content will never maximize its reach. To this end, leverage Facebook and Twitter to support your promotional blog activities. Here are twenty-five actionable tactics to help you use Facebook and Twitter to promote your blog.

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How to Rock Twitter

7 Twitter tips

To rock Twitter, you need to focus on your area(s) of expertise and to actively build and engage with others who share the same interest(s). This takes time just as offline relationships do.

With over 11,500 followers, I’ve learned how Twitter works by using the platform and observing what works and what doesn’t. My investment of time and attention has yielded returns in the form of friendships and learning I couldn’t have gotten elsewhere.

Here are my seven secrets to becoming a star on Twitter.  Source: Heidi Cohen’s actionable marketing blog.

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The Secret To Attracting More Twitter Followers

How to build a Twitter following

If you want to build your Twitter following, take some advice from Spiderman and stay focused; according to research by Carnegie Mellon researcher Yi-Chia Wang. To leverage the power of Wang’s findings, here are ten Twitter tactics to focus your activity to maximize results. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog

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