Harry Potter

[QUOTE] Harry Potter’s 5 Social Media Lessons For Back-to-School

Harry Potter Goes Back to School

The Harry Potter series is one of the most widely read stories about a young person’s rite of passage. Covering Harry’s school years at Hogwarts, Harry Potter’s education has important lessons social media marketers because, just as Harry Potter learns to interact with other people at Hogwarts, we must learn to use social media to engage with our target audience. To give your social media engagement some Harry Potter style context, here are five quotes from JR Rowling’s seven part series.

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Harry Potter Works Social Media Marketing Magic

Since June 1997, Harry Potter’s held us under his spell as he’s battled the evil Lord Voldemort. Similarly, marketers must battle muggles in the form of business executives who believe that social media has taken marketing to the dark side. These business-minded muggles can’t comprehend that consumers don’t trust their advertising. Unlike Harry Potter, the public doesn’t need to visit Hogwarts since they’ve been given wizardly powers in the form of various social media platforms.

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You Don’t Need to be Harry Potter to Work Blog Wizardry

Does your blog have what it takes to be the Harry Potter of Your NicheHarry Potter is a powerful fan magnet. Harry Potter enthusiasts dress up to wait in line to get the latest Harry Potter release. Having sold the early Harry Potter books in the late 1990s I’m not surprised. Regardless of where the promotion was buried, the books broke sales records. While I’d like to think it was my stellar marketing, the reality is that the magic was in Harry Potter’s DNA but you don’t need to be Harry Potter to work this wizardry on your blog. You just need the magical formulas to work his spells.

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How Chelsea Clinton’s Wedding Can Enhance Your Offer

Chelsea Clinton’s story book wedding to finace Marc Mezvinsky was kept secret. Here are 3 offer-realted marketing lessons from Chelsea Clinton’s wedding. Please read on ….

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