I Want My Social Media Without Advertising!

We don’t like advertising on our social media platforms. We find it intrusive and not user-friendly. Here are eight suggestions for how social media platforms can drive revenues. Dare I say social media advertising?

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Another 15 Ways to Expand Your Blog Reach

Building a blog following requires a marketing plan. This blog building plan requires consistently exposing new people to your content, ways to keep readers coming back, and making sharing easy. Here are 15 additional tactics to support your blog building efforts.

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PR Matchmaker’s 4 Secrets to Attract Readers

Content marketing that readers don’t want is spam, regardless of whether they signed up for it or not. HARO’s Peter Shankman shared 4 insights to get your content marketing read at BizTechDay 2010 New York. As an avid HARO reader, I’ve added 4 additional factors to increase your content marketing’s punch. Please read on …

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How To Get And Keep Media Attention

As a ClickZ writer, I get a lot of attention from PR folks many of whom don’t take the time to do the basics first! In their rush to get media space, they forget that the writer has needs and goals that may be different from those of their client. Here are 10 suggestions to get media attention. Please read on …

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5 Reasons Why HARO is Like Craigslist

HARO, also known as Help A Reporter Out, is a service that connects writers, bloggers and reporters with a broad base of resources that extends beyond those represented by PR professionals. This article outlines  5 ways that HARO is like Craigslist and another  5 ways for marketers to use HARO to build your brand. Read on …

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