Content Inner Circle: 5 Ways To Increase Distribution

Content Inner Circle

Have content distribution problems? Try these 5 ways to increase distribution using the Content Inner Circle. Includes charts, examples and tips.

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3 Content Marketing Opportunities You Are Missing

3 content marketing opportunities

Does your content plan include these 3 content marketing opportunities? They’re easy to overlook since they depend on other people’s audiences.

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Content Marketing Performance Checklist: 1H2015

Is your 2015 content marketing on track to succeed? Not sure? Here’s a 10 step content marketing performance checklist to assess your progress to-date.

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27 Ways to Reuse Blog Posts for Content Marketing

earth day blogging-27 blog tips to reuse your content for

Earth Day aims to raise awareness for natural resources, by reusing and recycling products or up-cycling them into something new.  In terms of blogging, reusing blog posts translates to re-imagining the content from your blog posts into new forms of content marketing. Here are twenty-seven ways your business blog posts can be reused to increase your content creation’s effectiveness categorized by owned media, social media and third party media. These suggestions can be used for personal, business (both B2B and B2C), not-for-profit and solopreneur blogs.

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Use the Holidays to Achieve Your Personal Goals

Thanksgiving is a time to reach out and thank those around us. It’s also a time of year when employees get laid off leaving them wondering what they’re supposed to be thankful for?

If you’re one of these (or even if you’re not), take a deep breath and keep reading because, instead of using the holidays to hunker down with food and drink while complaining about your situation, you can use these seven steps during the holidays to be social.

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Social Media Runs on Email

With the growth of social media, email’s become a dirty word. Yet the reality is that despite forecasts of email’s demise and social media’s ability to provide communications channels, not only is email alive and kicking, it’s the engine that drives communication and engagement on social media platforms. Here are 6 functions email fulfills for social media.

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Does Your Job Search Need a Spring Cleaning?

Spring is finally in the air, bringing with it a sense of renewal, signaling a time to clean out and organize. For job hunters, this is an opportunity to refresh your campaign and get a new perspective on your search. Here are twelve ways to reinvigorate your job search.

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LinkedIn: Business’ Social Media Matchmaker

LinkedIn is a professionally oriented, social media platform with over 90 million members. So why isn’t it more often at the top of marketers’ to-do list? Neglecting LinkedIn is a big mistake, since, like it’s sexier social media cousins Facebook and Twitter, it can drive real measurable business results. Here are 3 Business reasons to use LinkedIn and who’s using LinkedIn. (Hint: It’s not just for job hunters!)

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