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Does Your Blog Have Guests With Benefits?

As you prepare for the long July 4th weekend away that’s often filled with guests, it’s a good time to focus on guest blogging. Just as beach and weekend homeowners get guest requests, so do popular blogs. The reason is simple: location, location, location!

Whether it’s a vacation home or a popular blog, it’s where everyone wants to be and be seen.While it’s great to have people visit, you don’t want to feel like your vacation home is a hotel where you’re the maid. The same applies to guest writers on your blog. To this end, create a set of guidelines posted on your blog to set parameters for guest authors based on your blog topic, brand and goals.

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Guest Blogging: Don’t Forget What Mom Taught You

Your mother taught you to be a good guest by minding your manners and being on your best behavior. The same wisdom applies to guest blogging where you write for another blog whose audience has similar demographics, interests and behavior to the one you’re seeking. As a special visitor, make a good impression so readers will want more of your content and the blogger will invite you back. Here are 5 guest blogging goals and 7 guest blogging tips to help you grow your blog.


5 Ways to Increase Your Blog Reach

Are you looking to expand your blog’s audience? Here are five ways that you can leverage other bloggers’ audiences to build your audience. While this method, requires creating content for other bloggers, it can reap benefits in terms of building your audience.

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