15 Ways to Drive Shoppers With Social Media [Examples]

social media sells

Social media sells? Many marketers focus their social media efforts on building brand and attracting new prospects since they can’t figure out how to make the connection to sales. The bottom line is that social media can drive sales for your product. Not sure how to use social media to drive sales? Here are fifteen social media tactics with examples you can adapt for your business.

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If You Groupon, Will They Come? [Data]

Groupon announced it’s $750 million IPO. While the group buying industry is projected to increase by 138% to $2.66 billion in 2011, based on research by Local Offer Network, there are five significant challenges to Groupon’s deal-a-day model that are important to assess as a marketer.

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Social Media Runs on Email

With the growth of social media, email’s become a dirty word. Yet the reality is that despite forecasts of email’s demise and social media’s ability to provide communications channels, not only is email alive and kicking, it’s the engine that drives communication and engagement on social media platforms. Here are 6 functions email fulfills for social media.

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Social Commerce: Shopping Meets Social Media

Social Commerce is where social media, content and collaborative tools meet online shopping. Social commerce is a nascent market that encompasses a broad array of options including group buying, social shopping, mobile apps, retailers adding social features, and shopping integrated into social media. Here are ten reasons to add social commerce to your retail marketing mix.

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Groupon Super Bowl Ad Breaks Social Media Rules

Groupon’s Super Bowl ad broke the number one rule of social media: It’s NOT about you!  Groupon’s making light of the Chinese occupation of Tibet in their Super Bowl ad totally missed its mark.  It’s hard to believe that no one at Groupon, their advertising agency or other advisor didn’t have a sense of how bad this ad would play in the theater of public opinion, especially following on the heels of Kenneth Cole’s Egyptian gaff.

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Do Groupon Deals Make Sense for Merchants?

Everyone loves a deal, regardless of how much money they have, and consumers use the Internet and smartphones to find the best price, online or offline. While Groupon and Living Social have led the pack, there are other potential competitors in the coupon space. Here’s some research to show how this market is evolving.

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What’s Your Firm’s Value Meal?

in today’s price-conscious marketplace,your firm just might need to develop a really attractive reduced price offer (aka its “value meal”). Here are 7 value offers and 7 economic factors to consider.

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2010 Proves Social Media Matters [Data Included]

2010 was a tipping point for social media. This was underscored by Time’s choice of Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook to be Man of the Year. Here are three ways that social media mattered in 2010. [Charts included]

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