Google Plus: 62 Must-Have Resources

Have you earned your Google Plus (aka Google+) cred yet? If you’re not one of the Pluserati, chances are that you’re still coming up the Google+ learning curve or maybe sitting on the sidelines because the thoughts of building a presence on yet anothersocial media platform seems too daunting.  The reality is that if you’re a marketer or involved in technology or social media eventually you’re going to need to take the dive. Granted that Google+ is another Google product and Google hasn’t been very effective at social media beyond YouTube, but give it a test drive. As the old ad said, try it, you’ll like it.

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Google+: The Battle for Your Time [Charts]

Google+ has been the subject of much speculation and prognostication since its introduction a few weeks ago. It has been positioned as Google’s entry into the social media market, most notably as a Facebook competitor. From my perspective, viewing Google+ this way marginalizes the true value of Google+ and its potential to break down the walls separating social media from the rest of our digital lives.

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