Customer Experience: The Key to Social Media Gold

When it comes to social media and business in general, the cheapest thing that you can do is to give your customer a good experience. Small businesses have an advantage in this regard since they often know their customers personally. The bottom line is that satisfied customers save you money in several ways:

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LinkedIn: Where the Money Is (and 11 Facts to Prove It!)

Known for being a job seeker’s ghetto as a social media résumé site, LinkedIn has quietly expanded its effectiveness for businesses in general and marketers specifically. While many businesses understand how to leverage the power of LinkedIn’s job search capabilities, they overlook the social network’s power as a means of connecting them with prospects and building trust.

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[INFOGRAPHIC] How To Make The Case For Content Marketing

Making the case for content marketing requires a cost-benefit analysis to determine whether it’s a profitable investment just like with any other project or initiative vying for corporate resources. Fortunately, when it comes to content marketing, the benefits far outweigh the expenses. [TWEET THIS INFOGRAPHIC]  Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog

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Customer Reviews: Social Media Content Supports Sales [Charts]

Without trust consumers won’t buy from you. Further, research shows that consumers don’t trust marketers or their advertising. So how do you persuade prospects to buy from you? Leverage the power of social media to enable your customers and fans to persuade and sell prospects through the use of customer reviews.

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Why QR Codes Fail [Data]

From a marketer’s perspective, QR codesmake offline surfaces and content a cost-effective conduit to deliver online marketing content across a wide variety of formats.

While QR code adoption increased from 1% in 2010 to 5% in 2011 according toForrester, only one in eight smartphone owners uses QR codes. With smartphone ownership positioned to grow at an accelerated pace, why isn’t QR code usage expanding at a similar rate? To understand the challenges marketers who want to use QR codes face, here are ten ways to prevent QR code failure and how to incorporate them into your marketing more effectively.

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What Twitter’s $200 Million Cash Infusion Means to You

Twitter has been in the news a lot of late. A few days ago, they received a $200 million infusion from Kleiner Perkins. The underlying assumption is that Twitter is poised for revenue growth. Based on recent data, six potential revenue generating efforts are outlined. (Research data included!)

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Why We Lurk

Marketers are always trying to get more people to participate in their social media and other forms of marketing. Here are 21 reasons that users prefer to lurk. Understanding these reasons can help you to develop more effective marketing.

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Data Demons (in a good way!)

Afraid of numbers and data but you need some strong analysis and information for your digital marketing? If so, here’s a great resource with a list of 16 digital marketing data analytics references.

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