5 Tips To Avoid Social Media #FAILs

Want to avoid a massive social media #Fail? Then check these 5 tips and what 18 experts chose for 2013.


Top Marketing #FAILs of 2012

While marketing made significant gains in 2012 in terms of social media, content marketing and mobile, not every campaign was a winner. There were notable marketing #FAILs in 2012.

Based on how effectively a marketing campaign’s executed, there’s a range of potential results from excellent to poor. But to fail in today’s always-on, connected social media ecosystem means the marketer is tone deaf to what’s happening in the world or hasn’t focused on the appropriate elements of their marketing plan.

Here’s what seventeen top marketers viewed as the top marketing #FAILs of 2012. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog

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Why Your Blog Is Guaranteed To Fail

Do you feel in your gut that your blog’s missing something? If so, there’s a good chance one or more of the following issues is hindering its success. To help you get your blog on the track to success, here are twenty-one blog fails and how to fix them.

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Twitter Auto-DM = Social Media #Fail

Many Twitter participants in an effort to appear welcoming set up an auto-DM (automatic direct message) that responds to new followers. While this sounds inviting, in practice it’s often just plain irritating.

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3 Top 2010 Social Media #Fail

The #Fail term on Twitter is a popular way to note a problem with something. Social media marketing can go from positive to negative in a heartbeat. Here are the top three social media fails in 2010.

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