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Location Based Services (LBS): Who’s Checking In Now? [Chart]

Location based services are breaking through. One out five smartphone owners or 12.7 million users checked in with a smartphone to a location-based service (LBS) in March 2011. What does this mean for your marketing? Data included.

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Location-Based Services Heart Social Media [Data/Charts]

Initiated by Nate Bonilla-Warford, who liked the idea that April 16th is the four times four day of the fourth month, Foursquare Day is a social media celebration by its users for its users. (Here’s mobile marketing data to give you background on the marketplace.) Foursquare is about what happens when you close your laptop to go out and connect according to founder, Dennis Crowley during a Social Media Week interview. Here’s data and insight to help you leverage the power of location-based services in your marketing mix. [Data and charts included!]

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