4 Ways To Expand Your Content Marketing With Social Content

Social Content Definition

Social content definition. Content marketing meets social media to extend your information. 4 types of social content with examples and marketing tips.

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Social Media Friendly Content Marketing [Examples]

Is your content marketing social media shareworthy? In other words, does your non-promotional content invite readers to participate and extend the conversation by commenting and sharing it with their family, friends and social media colleagues? Further, when your content’s shared, is your brand readily discernable on other platforms or via other channels (such as email)? Here are three content marketing examples with three actionable content marketing tips each.

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Holiday Content Marketing – 5 Easy Tips [Examples]

The holiday season is in full swing. Walk down most streets and you’ll see stores and homes wrapped in colorful seasonal lights. While retailers have filled their stores with Santas and holiday spirit, many marketers have missed an easy opportunity to engage prospects, customers and the public with holiday content marketing. Are you one of these marketing Scrooges? Included are four examples with screenshots and five easy holiday content marketing tips.

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