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14 Twitter Holiday Tips To Beat Your Competition

Looking to increase holiday sales at the last minute? Check these Twitter holiday tips that you can implement in real time. Includes research and charts.

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73 Smartphone and Tablet Facts Every Marketer Needs

Do you understand the state of mobile 2014? If you’re like many marketers, you pretend it doesn’t exist. Here are the facts, charts & analyses you need!

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On Facebook Women Just Want to Socialize

Girls will be girls regardless of the playground or communications toys they’re using. From a marketing perspective, it’s important to understand that women leverage social media, particularly Facebook, as an extension of what they do elsewhere. Research analysis by Eversave and Exact Target give insights into women’s social media behavior.

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How to Build Customer Relationships With Twitter [Chart]

To avoid marketing push, here are ten suggestions to help marketers build relationships with their prospects and customers on Twitter. Useful research from Exact Target is included [Chart].

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2010’s Top 10 Online Marketing Highlights [Data Included]

2010 was an important turning point for online marketing, particularly in terms of portable devices, new technologies and expanded communications channels. These highlights had a significant impact on marketing during the past year and will create a dynamic landscape for 2011 and beyond.

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3 Reasons Social Media and Email Marketing Go Together

To focus on social media efforts, Ben & Jerry’s ice cream announced that it’s cutting back email marketing. This decision overlooks the fact that social media and email marketing, can reinforce one another as complimentary components of an integrated digital marketing strategy. Based on Exact Target’s research, 3 reasons social media and email marketing should co-exist are outlined. Additionally, 3 suggestions to integrate social media and email are provided. Please read on …

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