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2010’s Top 10 Online Marketing Highlights [Data Included]

2010 was an important turning point for online marketing, particularly in terms of portable devices, new technologies and expanded communications channels. These highlights had a significant impact on marketing during the past year and will create a dynamic landscape for 2011 and beyond.

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How Groupon Works

Groupon has attracted a lot of attention of late due to the large sums of money that companies are willing to pay. At its core, Groupon has combined email and direct marketing techniques to create offer that customers can’t turn down. Here are seven tips to enhance your etailing to leverage the strength of Groupon.

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3 Ways Facebook Messaging Effects Your Marketing

Facebook announced its new messaging-communications offering. This announcement has three lessons for marketers. In addition, there are three implications for your marketing.

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120 Shopping Days to Christmas – Is Your Email Marketing Strategy Ready?

Email marketing is at the core of every marketer’s holiday promotions. In part, this is attributable to the fact that it drives $43.62 of ROI for each dollar spent. To help put your holiday promotional email marketing on course, here are five recommendations. Please read on …


Social Media Costs

7 Expense Factors to Monitor Extending beyond the “cool” factor, social media’s increasing marketing usage is partly attributable to its perception of being “free”. Fueling this view are the success stories of small businesses for whom social media levels the competitive field by extending their reach using sweat equity in lieu of hard dollars. While it’s easy to believe that social media marketing is easy and relatively low cost, but before you launch your social media campaign, assess how these rarely publicized components can effect your profitability.

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Marketing Defined

What is marketing?  In today’s ever-evolving marketplace, there are three dominant forms of marketing. They are general marketing, digital marketing and integrated marketing, each of which can be broken into more specialized types. For details, please read on …

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5 Steps to Email Newsletter Success

Are you still sending out boring, quickly deleted emails? If so, consider how an email newsletter can become a welcome, even anticipated, communication that drives readers to different parts of your website, other online content and social media. 5 easy-to-follow steps are outlined. Read on …