26 Actionable Content Marketing Options and Tips [Chart]

How do you want your content?

Here are twenty-six B2B content marketing options and how they help your business. Further to improve your information’s marketing effectiveness, actionable content marketing tips are included. (Note: Usage percentage is based on Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs 2013 content marketing research.) Table with actionable tips included.

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12 Steps to Take Your Content Marketing From Ho-Hum to Humming [Examples]

In today’s information filled social media world, your content marketing must standout to be noticed. Let’s face it while white papers and research have been B2B marketing mainstays, they don’t necessarily attract sufficient attention to get prospects to take a desired action. While the information conveyed is useful, these content offerings they need a marketing facelift to transform them into social media darlings. Here’s a comparison of two content marketing offerings. And, to get your content marketing on track, here are twelve steps that every marketer can use.

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Where’s the Beef in Your Social Media Content? [Chart]

Is your social media content just empty calories filled with meaningless corporate-speak? Strong social media content is a lot like a juicy steak. Here are 5 ways to make your content like a great steak. In addition, there’s a chart to show you how to create content by format across company departments.

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Are You Selling 8-Tracks in an iTunes World?

CES, The consumer electronics show, once again shows how much Americans love their digital devices and continue to spend lots of time on them consuming content (data included). As a marketer, are you offering 8-tracks in an iTunes world? Here are 5 questions to help you assess your product offering and marketing plans as they relate to tomorrow’s hot electronic gadgets.

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