Customer Service

Customer Service: Where Social Media’s Rubber Meets the Road

To help, airlines leverage social media to broadcast flight information and handle some customer service overflow. Unfortunately, this is insufficient to manage many customer service issues. Here are eight customer service suggestions to help your social media efforts.

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Is Your Marketing for the Birds?

In honor of National Bird Day, here are ten social media marketing lessons that birds can teach us. Each has a literary reference to birds to guide you through it.

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111 Ways to Jumpstart 2011

January a great time for you to jumpstart your year. Here’s a checklist of 111 questions to help you assess where your business is now and how to position for 2011. While this list may require more than one sitting to digest, it’s well worth the investment in terms of getting your business on track for 2011.

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Can you hear me now? – 8 Ways social media has transformed customer service

Social media gives consumers a wide variety of websites and formats to talk to companies and other customers.  When companies don’t meet consumers’ expectations, they use social media to communicate with other customers.  Here are 8 ways that social media has changed customer service. Please read on …

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