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Celebrate Customers: 100 Ways You Need To Follow

Balloons to represent celebrate customers

Want to improve customer relationships & increase marketing ROI? Use 100+ tactics based on psychological research to celebrate customers & community.

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Social Media: The One Thing 70% of Brands Do Wrong [Research]

On social media platforms, people expect businesses to acknowledge and respect them as human beings. Unfortunately, most brands just use social media to spray their promotional messages instead of connecting with their prospects, customers and the public.

Businesses must treat followers like people because social media is person-to-person. Here’s new research showing how companies respond to customers and the public on social media plus 5 Social media tactics businesses need to respond to prospects and customers.

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Social Media Requires Listening [Research]

social media requires listening

Social media provides consumers with easy-to-use feedback platforms—from Facebook and Twitter to TripAdvisor and Yelp—on which to rant and rave about products, brands and companies. Despite this massive social media reservoir of user input, most marketers don’t pay attention to what consumers are saying. Here are 5 ways to listen to your customers from Heidi Cohen Actionable Marketing Blog.

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Social Media Customer Service: Are You Listening?

When businesses engage on social media, they often use it as a one-way communication tool to distribute marketing content. This approach fails to take into account how customers will use any and every communications channel to get their customer service inquiries answered. Here are three ways that social media customer service supports marketing efforts and seven steps to improve your customer service via social media.

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4 Rules for Good Customer Service

Customer service can vary significantly, especially in a social media world where firms have more customer touchpoints. On my recent trip, I learned that customer service means truly listening to your customers and appreciating that they know what they want. These aren’t empty words. You must walk the talk with every customer interaction. Here are four rules for good customer service.

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What Marketing Is NOT

What Marketing is Not

My recent post of marketing definitions with contributions from seventy-two different sources generated a lot of discussion around what marketing is. One interesting topic that arose in these discussions was the question of what marketing is NOT. As with art, examining negative space provides a different view of marketing and how it functions within an organization. Here are five definitions of what marketing is NOT.

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How to Find Social Media Content Inspiration

Have a case of Blank Post Syndrome? Don’t know where to  find inspiration for creating meaty content that grabs readers by the collar and makes them want more? Try MBWA, which stands for management by walking around. Skip the sanitized corporate-speak and find out what’s happening inside and outside your company. Here’s 13 tips for creating great corporate social media content.

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How Social Media Transformed Customer Service [Data]

Social media has transformed customer service from a faceless voice at the end of your 800 number to the people who make your firm real by engaging with consumers, in real time, showing them you care. Yet, there’s a disconnect between how companies and consumers view customer service delivered via social media platforms. Here are 5 ways that social media changes customer service.

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