Crisis management

12 Point Real-time PR Communications Checklist

There’s a firestorm brewing on the social media horizon and it’s heading for your company. Is your firm ready? Etsy, the online storefront for handmade crafts, wasn’t! To help you get your PR on track for real-time communications, here’s a 12 point checklist.

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Is Your Marketing for the Birds?

In honor of National Bird Day, here are ten social media marketing lessons that birds can teach us. Each has a literary reference to birds to guide you through it.

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111 Ways to Jumpstart 2011

January a great time for you to jumpstart your year. Here’s a checklist of 111 questions to help you assess where your business is now and how to position for 2011. While this list may require more than one sitting to digest, it’s well worth the investment in terms of getting your business on track for 2011.

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7 Social Media Trends for 2011

2010 was a tipping point for social media. In 2011, social media will continue to evolve. Here are seven predictions for how social media will change in the coming year.

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3 Top 2010 Social Media #Fail

The #Fail term on Twitter is a popular way to note a problem with something. Social media marketing can go from positive to negative in a heartbeat. Here are the top three social media fails in 2010.

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Get Human Resources Involved in Social Media Marketing

HR’s involvement in a firm’s social media activities increases over time. Here’s a 10 point social media checklist for your human resources department. (Data included!)

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