Crisis management

PR Crisis Management Planning: What You Need To Know To Survive

PR Crisis Management Planning

Is your business prepared for an unexpected PR Crisis that can hurt your business? Then use this PR Crisis Management Planning roadmap and checklist to be prepared before you need it.

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PR: How To Avoid a Social Media Crisis

Social media crisis requires boy scout mentaility

A social media crisis is every PR professional’s nightmare. No one wants to wake up and discover his firm or client is a trending topic on Twitter or other social media platform. In today’s always on, always connected world, everyone has a personal publishing and distribution platform at his fingertips so the potential for social media flare ups, whether it’s an angry customer or an employee having a bad day always exist


Does Your Social Media Marketing Set Off Fireworks?

Fireworks are symbolic of the Fourth of July. They commemorate the rockets’ red glare and the bombs bursting in air when we defended our freedom as Americans. Social media marketing has a lot in common with Independence Day. Social media is a move away from traditional media and communications. In many organizations, however, the use of social media causes management to send up severe warnings. Here’s seven ways to make your social media cause fireworks.

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Social Media Guidelines in the Age of Exposure

Congressman Anthony Weiner’s now public Twitter exchange with a number of women and the media drama surrounding it underscore the need to think about social media exchanges from both a personal and organizational perspective. Social media involvement carries with it social responsibility. Here are Anthony Weiner’s seven lessons for both individuals and companies engaged in social media interactions. From a business perspective, these seven lessons translate to the need for every company to have the following three plans in place whether or not the organization is actively involved in social media.

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What If You Tweeted and Nobody Came

While there’s an ever growing array of Twitter analytical tools to help marketers, it’s still the early days of Twitter analytics and it’s more important to set proper business objectives and to track your results against these goals. To help you achieve your business goals, here are five major Twitter objectives and the related metrics to assess your results.

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Where Does Public Relations Fit in Your Company?

Public relations or PR for short has changed a lot lately. While PR may be described in many different ways, everyone agrees that public relations is the corporate function that crafts an organization’s message(s) to its diverse publics. Among public relations many audiences are customers, prospects, investors, employees, suppliers, distributors, media/journalists, social media networks, government regulators, legislators and the public.  To complicate their role, PR professionals are in chare of providing a variety of communications services that an organization may either fill internally or outsource to contractors. Because these communications involve content creation, they can have a big impact on a business’s search optimization efforts.

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31 Public Relations Definitions

Say PR, as in public relations, particularly during a conversation about marketing and/or social media, and participants are liable to have vastly different perspectives on the topic. Traditionally, public relations referred to the art of getting mentions of a person, company or other organization placed in the media, namely print, radio and television. Here are 31 definitions of public relations or PR to help you.

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Is Social Media a Snow Job?

Is the hype about social media just another snow job? Or does social media really help achieve corporate and marketing goals?

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