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Social Media: What Are You Afraid Of?

Social media is scary for marketers. Used to controlling their brand and messages, they feel most comfortable using one-to-many media for distribution. By contrast, social media allows for multi-directional socializing and interacting. As a result, marketers only control one aspect of the current communications ecosystem while consumers and the public have media platforms that provide low cost content creation and distribution. Here are thirteen ways social media instills marketers with fear and actionable marketing tips to help your firm overcome it.

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Social Media: Are You Heeding the Warning Signs?

Hurricane Irene is heading up the east coast of the U.S. and both government officials and civilians alike are paying attention to the warning signs. New York City has started evacuating the most vulnerable areas. Watch the social media ecosystem for potential issues and be prepared to proactively respond where appropriate is important for every business, whether you’re involved in social media or not.

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3 Social Media Must Haves For Companies

While social media continues to mature, it’s still a scary environment for many businesses since it means that prospects, customers and the public have the platforms and tools to amplify their voices with relative ease. In today’s social media ecosystem, there are three elements that every company should have regardless of whether they’re active on social media networks or not.

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