Content marketing metrics

Content Distribution TIP Method: How To Make Your Content Succeed

Content Distribution TIP Method

Use the Content Distribution TIP Method to continually deliver and improve your content marketing over time.

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2014 Content Marketing Predictions

Want to know where content marketing is headed in 2014? Here are 2014 content marketing predictions to get your marketing plans ready for success.

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The Rise of B2B Content Marketing [Chart]

Content marketing accounts for a growing portion of B2B marketers’ 2012 plans. Used by 90% of B2B marketers, more than one out every four marketing dollars goes to content marketing and 60% of marketers plan to increase their content marketing budget next year according to Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs research. Given content marketing’s cost effectiveness and targetability, this isn’t surprising. For marketers, the challenge is proving their case. This column  examines the goals marketers set for content marketing and the metrics they use to measure them. [Charts included]

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Content Marketing Metrics [Chart]

To ensure that your content marketing achieves its business goals, you must measure your progress and results. Content marketing metrics incorporate a combination of traditional tracking analysis and more specific questions related to content creation. Here are seven content marketing metrics to assess the amount and quality of your content marketing and a chart of  content marketing metrics that can be monitored using existing tracking systems.

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