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Marketing Rebellion – Author Interview

Marketing Rebellion

Need to change your marketing and business to meet 22nd century customer needs? Then read this author interview where Mark W. Schaefer discusses his book, Marketing Rebellion.

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Ten Trust Elements Every Brand Needs [Research]

Build consumer trust with these ten points

Trust is a critical element for consumers, without it you can’t enter a consumer’s product consideration set. As an integral part of content marketing and social media, trust is the filter through which consumers evaluate brand and product information.  Here are the ten elements of trust based on research by and Latitude Research as well as a set of questions to apply to your content marketing. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog.

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Consumer Trust-Do You Have It? [Data]

While social media gets credit for shifting the balance of power from marketers to consumers, the reality is that consumers have relied upon their trusted sources, namely family, friends and neighbors long before Facebook and the Internet ever existed. Social media just provides platforms that extend the reach of individual consumers to influence others, including strangers that they’ve never met in real life. In part, social media can do this because consumer trust is scarce. In today’s rush-to-profitability world, companies forget that they must engage with their prospects and customers.

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