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How to Attract Customers: Show You Care

Why not use this holiday season of giving to extend your relationship with your customers? Here are 9 quick ways to engage your company, regardless of size, in cause marketing which Cone Inc. has shown to improve customer sentiment towards your firm.

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Social Media Hearts Cause Marketing

Cause marketing is the coordinated efforts of both for-profit and not-for-profit (NFP) organizations towards a common charitable and/or social goal. Unlike other forms of marketing, cause marketing has 5 goals and 8 distinct target audiences. (Contains useful research and chart.)

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Social Media’s 3 Cardinal Sins

While many brands and/or companies aspire to be in consumers’ social media inner circle, there are three cardinal social media sins that they need to avoid. Here are six suggestions to combat social media’s echo chamber.

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Is Your Brand In The Social Media Inner Circle?

Are you part of your consumers’ social media “in” crowd? Cone Inc.’s research provides insights to help brands and companies connect with their prospects and customers on social media platforms. Here are 5 tips on how to tailor your social media marketing to build your relationship with your target market on social networks.