7 Content Marketing Tactics to Maximize Muiti-Screen Effectiveness [Research]

How many screens are you viewing now? While I’d like your complete and undivided attention, chances are you’ve viewing more than one screen right now based on recent research from Google, Ipsos and Sterling Brand. For marketers this is a major challenge since they don’t have their audience’s focused attention. And even if they do have their audience’s attention, it’s likely to be interrupted at anytime by another device. To help you better understand current device usage and it’s implications for content marketing, here’s an examination of the research and seven tactics to maximize multi-screen effectiveness.

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Digital Media: Four Screens No Waiting [Chart]

The digital media landscape is in flux despite the fact that Americans spend over ten hours a day consuming content. A year after Apple introduced the iPad, Americans consume content on four major categories of devices: televisions, computers (including desktops, laptops and netbooks), tablets and smartphones. At the same time, content consumption continues to change and adapt with the evolution of devices and user functionality. Here are 4 different content consumption habits and a chart to show how to use them on 4 different devices.

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