Content Marketing: Four Cornerstones

Content Marketing Cornerstone

Content marketing focuses on customers’ needs. Content marketing tells stories, offers useful purchase information, improves product usage, and entertains. Without being promotional, content marketing effectively achieves business goals by building brand reputation, persuading prospects to buy, and retaining customers

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Facebook – The Honeymoon Is Over [Research]

For Facebook, the honeymoon defined in terms of hyper growth, increased engagement, and easy revenue generation, is over. While Facebook isn’t at risk of disappearing from the social media landscape any time soon, as a media entity, it’s matured. It must bring in sufficient money and take care of its members. Here are five challenges for Facebook’s long-term revenue prospects.

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4 Pillars of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is any marketing delivered via an Internet, mobile or tablet device. Here’s how to organize your plans and related strategies around the four pillars of digital marketing, content, communication, community and commerce.

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