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How To Use 2018 B2B Content Marketing Trends To Improve Results

Use 2018 B2B content marketing trends to show you how to improve your content marketing based on best-in-class marketers.

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Can One Trick Pony Content Deliver On-going Results For You?

One Trick Pony Content

Want to craft amazing content marketing and blog posts with limited work? Then try One Trick Pony Content. It uses an established content format.

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Social Media: How to Deepen Participant Relationships

Build relationships

Despite its engagement focus, social media can be a difficult environment in which to build deep, long-term customer relationships. Most social media participants fall into the 90% join but lurk, 9% do something easy such as sharing where limited effort or investment is required and 1% are your advocates. As a result, it’s difficult to continue these relationships outside social media to generate yield profitable revenue. Here are twelve ways to build your email house file to extend relationships and drive conversions. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog

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Can Social Media Make You a Super Hero?

While The Green Lantern aims to satisfy our summer craving for action, adventure movies, as kids, we read about The Green Lantern and other super heroes in comic books and fantasized what it would be like to have their special powers. Social media gives us the power to make a difference in ways that are super. Here are three super hero traits and three ways that social media can make you a super hero.

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10 Social Media Lessons in Being Human

Social media is about human connections and building relationships. Social media’s technology empowers us to reach out to a wider circle of people. It’s up to us to decide how we use these relationships, whether its to push our latest product or support each other’s endeavors to do something bigger than we are. Here are 10 tips to help you.

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7 Business Blogging Tips From Blogworld Expo New York

Here are seven tips I picked up at today’s Blogworld Expo sessions that can help you to take your business blog to the next level.  When you’re developing your business blogging strategy, don’t overlook internal blogs as these can be very useful for internal communications and training.

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2010’s Top 12 Social Media Experts

To understand social media’s non-stop, multi-directional conversation, a road map can be useful. Here’s a list of 12 top social media experts to help you tackle the terrain of this evolving landscape. In addition, there are 5 up and comers to keep your eye on.

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