Branding on a Budget Checklist: How To Do Branding On The Cheap

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Need to do branding on the cheap? Then use this Branding on a Budget Checklist to create your brand without extra cost across your business.

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14 Options To Extend Content Marketing Resources

To extend your budget, here are 14 content marketing resources you can use. You’ll still need to modify content to meet the specific needs of your target readers and the channel in which it is distributed. To increase the value of other people’s content, you must re-imagine it to fit your specific needs: 3 tips to help you achieve this are included. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog

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How to Hide Your Social Media Marketing Budget [Chart]

Does your boss think that social media marketing is free? Don’t worry, many executives operate under this social media misconception. Putting together a realistic social media marketing budget if your boss is one of these managers who thinks that social media should be free can be a significant challenge. Keep reading for a helpful chart.

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Social Media Marketing on a Budget

For small businesses and other organizations with limited budgetssocial media marketing can be a great equalizer by providing another way of engaging with your target market and the public. Social media marketing on a budget requires thinking through your business and marketing strategy first. Focus your efforts on one form of social media and do it well. Here’s a set of ten questions to help you lay the groundwork and seven options for leveraging social media on a budget.

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111 Ways to Jumpstart 2011

January a great time for you to jumpstart your year. Here’s a checklist of 111 questions to help you assess where your business is now and how to position for 2011. While this list may require more than one sitting to digest, it’s well worth the investment in terms of getting your business on track for 2011.

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Costs Marketers Need to Measure

Actionable Marketing 101 Budget season means diving into the numbers behind your marketing. For many marketers, tracking financial results is like speaking a foreign language. In reality, the process can be relatively painless with a little translation, a little planning and some simple math.

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