2012 Content Marketing and Blogging Resolutions

Regardless of how long you’ve been creating content or blogging, there’s always room for improvement. The New Year is a great time to assess your writing and content creation in order to take it to the next level. To help you achieve your 2012 content marketing and blogging goals, here are twelve content marketing resolutions.

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Brands & Blogs: A Match Made In Heaven (Or Not)? [Research]

Do blogs matter to your brand and marketing? Understand blogs don’t just refer to your corporate blog but rather to the breadth of blogs covering your category and general topics touching your product array. Before answering, check Technorati’s State of the Blogosphere. Here are seven points where brand marketers must pay attention to bloggers and recommended business actions. [Research charts included.]

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Writing Is a Habit

I’m often asked how I can crank out a column or more every day.  The answer is simple: writing is a habit.

Like you, I wasn’t born with a pencil in one hand and a computer in the other. While I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was grade school, I never studied writing in university. But when one of my college friends got cancer, it made me think about my life and what I wanted to accomplish. I kept coming back to writing. Here are five tips to help you develop a writing habit.

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Help! Who Will Write Our Company Blog?

Where will we find people to write our company blog? This is a common question companies face. While ideally someone from your organization should write your company blog, the reality is that it can be difficult to find an employee who loves your brand, cares about your customers, and enjoys writing. Before you search for bloggers for your organization’s blog, here are three factors that you should take into consideration.

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Do You Know Your Social Media Marketing ABCs?

Social media continues to evolve. In the process, social media’s become integrated into how we do marketing and continues to account for a larger portion of the marketing spend. To help you with your social media marketing, here are the ABC’s of social media marketing.


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How to Blog When Your Heart Isn’t In It

Have you ever had days when you can’t bring yourself to blog? You stare at the blank screen hoping the words will magically appear and almost any other chore seems much more exciting including the laundry. Here are twelve blog post ideas that you can use to provide structure to your writing without bothering your creative muse.

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Are You Maximizing Your Content Reach?

Chances are your potential audience is smaller than it could be. Like many content creators and bloggers, you consider you’re finished once you hit the publish button. The reality is content creation is only the first step in getting your content widely distributed to the people most interested in it. Without further action, your content, social media or blog post will languish with lackluster readership unless you write for an established media entity with a large reader base. Here are 13 tactics to grow your audience.

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It’s Not Just the Blog! It’s the Marketing

After three days at BlogWorld Expo New York, my head feels like it’s grown five hat sizes with all of the information I learned. Do you want to improve your blog marketing? Then apply these top five key marketing tactics from Blogworld Expo New York to take your blog to the next level.

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