5 Salient Attributes of Bloggers [Research]

Bloggers invest a lot of time and effort in their blogs to produce content on a designated topic for an audience on a regular basis. Since writing isn’t easy, what drives them and how do they track their progress? Technorati’s 2011 State of the Blogsphere provides insights into these highly personal, social media content vehicles. Included are profiles of the 4 types of bloggers, their 5 salient attributes and how they track their results (aka blogging metrics.) Chart included.

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21 Ways Bloggers Engage

Despite the image of a lone writer sequestered behind his computer, bloggers write because they want to engage. Blogs provide a publishing platform that allows a blogger to share his perspective with his target audience, colleagues and the public in general. Engagement is important because it’s proof that others have read and reacted to the blogger’s work. Here are 21 ways to that bloggers can engage with their readers.

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Why About Pages Really Matter

No one looks at About Pages. Or do they? For many, the About Page is an after thought. People like to deal with people they know. They also want to know that someone’s home. Your About Page should show a level of transparency to build trust with visitors. At the same time you want to encourage them to check out other areas of your site. Here are 10 About Page essentials.

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What Desperate Housewives Can Teach You About Blog Comments

Do you wonder how to attract comments on your blog? If so, this post’s for you! With a little help from Bree, Lynnette, Susan and Gaby, you’ll have the tools to start to entice readers to engage with you on your blog. Here are 7 tips to help you nurture your comment garden.

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