20 Tips to Build Your Blog Audience From Scratch

“I’ve been blogging for a period of time but no one’s reading my blog” is a refrain I often hear on BlogChat. Help, how do I get my blog to take off? Write great content is often the given answer. By itself, however, writing great content on a regular basis isn’t enough to build an audience! You need to take a marketer’s approach. Think of your blog as a media entity you need to promote to create a vibrant community.To this end, you must know what you want your blog to achieve and who your prospective audience is. If you’re starting from scratch, here’s 20 tips to build an audience.

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20 Most Useful Blog Plugins For Non-Geeks

Blog plugins are short pieces of programming code that add a specific set of features to your blog. While there’s a wide variety of blog plug-ins available, here are twenty of the most useful plug-ins explained in plain English for non-geeks.

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21 Tips to Get Your Blog Noticed Now

Is your blog off the map? Just as Columbus set out to discover a new route to the East Indies, you need to get your blog discovered amidst a sea of other blogs and content options. While Columbus had royal backing, unless you’ve got a kickass hook and/or break through branding, you’ve got to get out there and give people a reason to read your content. Here are twenty-one ways to help get your blog discovered. Some of them require more effort than others.

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5 Ways To Earn Blogging Cred Without a Blog of Your Own

For most bloggers, the most direct way to acquire blogging credentials is to build a blog and start blogging. Like you, I never considered the alternatives until a digital/social media strategist colleague, with copywriting experience and a degree from a top creative writing program, discussed wanting to blog professionally. Her one obstacle: She didn’t want a blog of her own because she didn’t feel that she had enough to say on her own. (Note: This can be a challenge for bloggers until they start building their confidence.) That got me thinking about how she could get experience without a blog of her own.

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20 Blog How-Tos

Mayday is a boat’s distress signal. To celebrate May 1st, here’s a blogging 911 to give you the answers to the top twenty blogging questions. There’s useful blogging how-tos for both beginning and experienced bloggers.

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Why Blogs Should be at Heart of Social Media [Charts]

Blogs provide the content that is the currency of social media and the context that defines its environmental relevance for participants. As such, blogs live at the heart of an integrated social media marketing strategy. Here are 10 Reasons Why Blogs Are Critical to Your Social Media Efforts.

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Why About Pages Really Matter

No one looks at About Pages. Or do they? For many, the About Page is an after thought. People like to deal with people they know. They also want to know that someone’s home. Your About Page should show a level of transparency to build trust with visitors. At the same time you want to encourage them to check out other areas of your site. Here are 10 About Page essentials.

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2010’s Top 12 Social Media Experts

To understand social media’s non-stop, multi-directional conversation, a road map can be useful. Here’s a list of 12 top social media experts to help you tackle the terrain of this evolving landscape. In addition, there are 5 up and comers to keep your eye on.

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