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21 Ways to Give Your Blog New Life

Does your blog feel lifeless? Does blogging fall to the bottom of your to do list? Does emptying the garbage (or any other chore) seem more exciting? The problem may be your blog, not you! It’s time to break out of your blog shell to get over this hurdle and keep your blog going, rather than abandoning it. Here are 21 ways you can give your blog new life and regain the excitement that got you blogging in the first place. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog

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How Often Should I Post New Blog Content? [Charts]

How frequently should you post new content on your blog is a question many bloggers wonder about. While the short answer is there are no blog post rules, the more accurate response is blog as often as you can create quality content. However, like your favorite television show that’s on every Thursday at 9.00pm, it’s important to deliver content on a recurring schedule to encourage regular reading habits. Here are seven suggestions to help you expand your blogging frequency.

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