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10 Super Easy Blog Post Tricks To Increase Your Business

Blogging Basics 201 helps you polish your blog posts to increase your business. Includes 10 easy tips with detailed explanations to improve your blogging.

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Blog Audience Mindset-5 Tricks To Know What Readers Want

Blogging How to Get Into Your readers mind

Do you know what your blog readers want? Here are 5 tricks to get into your blog audience mindset. For blog success you need to get into your readers’ head.

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13 Step Blog Checklist to Make 2013 Your Best Year Ever

Want to make 2013 your best blog year ever?  Did you know that there’s one really simple secret to succeed at blogging? Can you guess what it is? It’s so obvious many bloggers overlook it. The secret to blog success is: keep blogging. Here’s a 13 point checklist to get your blog on track to succeed in 2013.

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11 Tips to Take Your Blog From Fix-it-Upper to Fantastic

Do you have a blog only a mother could love?

Bloggers are a lot like mothers. We put our hearts and souls into our blogs and want them to succeed. But the problem is that often we’re too close to them to see obvious errors that hold them back from reaching their full potential. Sound like your blog? If so, here are eleven mom-inspired tips to transform your blog into something your target audience will love forever. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog

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Blog Post Lifecycle

Whether you’re a “seat of the pants, write as you go” type blogger or a “carefully write by plan” blogger, there’s a lifecycle to every blog post. Here are the main eight steps necessary to produce an engaging and effective blog post.

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20 Blog How-Tos

Mayday is a boat’s distress signal. To celebrate May 1st, here’s a blogging 911 to give you the answers to the top twenty blogging questions. There’s useful blogging how-tos for both beginning and experienced bloggers.

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21 Ways Bloggers Engage

Despite the image of a lone writer sequestered behind his computer, bloggers write because they want to engage. Blogs provide a publishing platform that allows a blogger to share his perspective with his target audience, colleagues and the public in general. Engagement is important because it’s proof that others have read and reacted to the blogger’s work. Here are 21 ways to that bloggers can engage with their readers.

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40 Blog Metrics

Ask many bloggers how their blog is performing and they suddenly get nervous. Why? Is there an arithmophobia epidemic raging across the blogosphere? The reality is that blog metrics are your friend. They help you understand how well your blog is performing relative to your goals. Here are 40 blog metrics to help you asset your blog’s performance.

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