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11 Tips to Take Your Blog From Fix-it-Upper to Fantastic

Do you have a blog only a mother could love?

Bloggers are a lot like mothers. We put our hearts and souls into our blogs and want them to succeed. But the problem is that often we’re too close to them to see obvious errors that hold them back from reaching their full potential. Sound like your blog? If so, here are eleven mom-inspired tips to transform your blog into something your target audience will love forever. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog

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21 Ways to Give Your Blog New Life

Does your blog feel lifeless? Does blogging fall to the bottom of your to do list? Does emptying the garbage (or any other chore) seem more exciting? The problem may be your blog, not you! It’s time to break out of your blog shell to get over this hurdle and keep your blog going, rather than abandoning it. Here are 21 ways you can give your blog new life and regain the excitement that got you blogging in the first place. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog

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31 Ways to Make Your Blog Stand Out

Do you want your blog to stand out from the pack? Getting your blog or other content marketing noticed requires three distinct elements: developing great content, promoting your blog or content and making your blog sharable. This holds true for B2C, B2B, not-for-profit and personal blogs. Here are 31 ways to increase your blog (or content marketing for that matter) visibility.

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31 Blog Design Mistakes (& How to Fix Them)

Does your blog design make you look dumb? Many bloggers underestimate the need to establish effective blog design in their rush to start blogging. Blog design encompasses more than the basic look and feel. Blog design is about how you choose, structure and present your content. Blog presentation builds trust and credibility that validates their content. To improve your blog design, here are 31 common blog design mistakes and how to fix them.

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10 Ways to Alienate Your Audience

Are you alienating your audience without realizing it? Do you wonder why you’re having trouble attracting readers to your blog or other content marketing? If so, the problem may be your content. Here are ten points to check whether you’re turning readers away without knowing it.


Blog Show and Tell: 3 Blogging Lessons With Examples

Do you remember show and tell? In nursery school, I had to bring in an unusual item and explain it to my classmates. Unlike my friends, I didn’t settle for an ordinary toy or household object. Instead I brought my sister. The great advantage was that she was able to talk for herself. Over the years, I’ve found old-fashioned show and tell to be a useful teaching technique because it illustrates the point better than describing it can ever do. Here are three blogging elements where show and tell can help you learn and improve your craft.

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Why Above-the-Fold Matters for Blogs

Location matters for blogs the way it matters for real estate. Your blog’s most valuable real estate is the space above-the-fold, a term borrowed from traditional print newspapers describing the top half of a broadsheet. Above-the-fold is the top section of your blog. It’s important to consider when designing your blog. Here are 16 elements to consider for your blog, corporate or personal.

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How To Design Your Blog

many bloggers rush through selecting their blog design elements without much thought when they first start. But the reality is that design is core to your blog’s brand and readership. Therefore, blog design requires strategic determining your blog’s goals and target audience before you go through this list of twenty-one blog design elements.

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