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Blog: Small Actions, Big Results

Yesterday was Small Business Saturday. Promoted by American Express, the promotion celebrated the virtues of small retailers and encouraged shoppers to support local businesses. As I shopped at my favorite local store where the promotion attracted lots of buyers, I realized this approach could be applied to blogging. On your blog, this translates to taking small actions that add up to big results. While one little step by itself won’t do a lot, it’s the cumulative impact of all of them together that yield real accomplishments. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog

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Blog Comment Policy: Why You Need One

Bloggers tend to be hard-wired to look for feedback and encouragement in their comment section. In their rush to get and build a healthy comment section, bloggers often overlook the need to create blog comment guidelines. A blog comment policy is useful for bloggers since they set boundaries on what readers can and can’t say or do in the comment section of your blog. While comments may be a sign of interest and activity in your blog community, you don’t want to encourage bad behavior. To get your blog comment policy on track, here are ten tips.

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