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Blogging: How to Attract and Retain An Audience Like A Rock Star

Recently bloggers have been buzzing about Google’s plan to pull the plug on their Reader. Since Google Reader regularly drives thousands of people to established blogs, this move translates to the loss of a significant portion of these blog audiences.

To combat this potential falloff in loyal readership short term, bloggers are experimenting with a variety of alternatives including expanding their email registrations and the use of other feed readers. Yet the real issue at the heart of blogging is attracting, engaging and retaining your audience to build long-term relationships. Read on to get 23 actionable blogging tactics. Source: Heidi Cohen’s Actionable Marketing Blog

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20 Tips to Build Your Blog Audience From Scratch

“I’ve been blogging for a period of time but no one’s reading my blog” is a refrain I often hear on BlogChat. Help, how do I get my blog to take off? Write great content is often the given answer. By itself, however, writing great content on a regular basis isn’t enough to build an audience! You need to take a marketer’s approach. Think of your blog as a media entity you need to promote to create a vibrant community.To this end, you must know what you want your blog to achieve and who your prospective audience is. If you’re starting from scratch, here’s 20 tips to build an audience.

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How to Super-size Your Blog Audience

Every blogger wants to super-size their blog reach as quickly as possible so that it stands out in its category. For many bloggers, the challenge is getting the blog the special attention it deserves in a way that sets it apart from the rest of the blogosphere. To this end, it’s critical to have strong blog content that’s created on a regular basis, not just when the spirit moves you. Here are twelve ways to help you super-size your blog audience.

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How Do You Expand Your Blog Reach? (HINT: Email)

What blogger doesn’t want to expand theirblog audience? While it’s not sexy, my one word answer is email. Before you skip off to another article, bear in mind that to entice people to read your content you must offer them options regarding when they want to read, where they want to read it, and what format and/or device they use to read. To this end, email, the number one activity on smartphones, is a great option since your audience always has one in reach and uses it to consume content as a filler activity in spare, otherwise wasted time.

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How to Make Your Blog Catch Fire

Do you want your blog to catch fire? Then it’s critical to know your blog’s audience or it’ll be difficult to create an inviting environment with great content that resonates with readers, meets their needs and keeps them coming back for more. Knowing your customers is at the center of marketing. Here are ten questions to help you better understand your blog’s readers to enable you to create posts that attract them and make your blog catch fire.

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How to Sex Up Your Blog

Does your blog have sex appeal? Does your blog reach out and grab your readers to make them want more? Or do your prospective readers think, it’s just another WordPress weblog, why bother. To make your blog stand out, you need to dress it up.

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