Yogi Berra: Seven Social Media Lessons [Quotes]

Social Media lessons from Yougi Berra

Social media is a lot like baseball. Everyone must play by the same set of rules. The big difference is that on social media platforms the rules are unstated and enforced by the community while in baseball they’re well defined and enforced by umpires. Since each social media network has its own special community nuances, it’s only fitting that we turn to Yogi Berra, a Baseball Hall of Fame catcher and outfielder, known for his malapropisms, to learn a few social media lessons.

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Yogi Berra: 13 Social Media Lessons From The Mound [Quotes]

Yogi Berra's Quotes have lessons for social media

Social media can learn a lot from baseball, particularly in terms of consistently practicing to improve your results and putting the greater good of the team and its community ahead your personal feelings. One of the greatest catchers in baseball history, Yogi Berra (aka Lawrence Peter Berra) offered some great social media lessons in his well-known quotes   Here are thirteen of Yogi Berra’s best quotes and the related social media lessons.

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