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Twitter Etiquette: 24 Guidelines to Tweet By

Twitter etiquette is a lot like the advice your mother gave you when you were young. Be nice and treat people well and they’ll respond in kind. Sounds simple enough but somehow when people are on social media networks, communications flow straight through their fingertips without stopping in their brains long enough for consideration of the longer term impact. With Twitter, like any social media platform, consider how you would feel if your boss, client, colleagues spouse, partner, kids or parents saw the tweet because Twitter is an open, searchable, global public forum where any tweet can go viral. (Here’s more information about the life of a tweet (charts included.) Here are 24 Twitter manner guidelines.

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Twitter Auto-DM = Social Media #Fail

Many Twitter participants in an effort to appear welcoming set up an auto-DM (automatic direct message) that responds to new followers. While this sounds inviting, in practice it’s often just plain irritating.

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